Returns policy

It is important to us that returns are easy and effortless for our customers. However the following rules apply:

Products we accept in returns:

Most clothes (see exceptions below), home furnishings, toys, leisure products and cosmetics where the packaging is undamged and the seal is unbroken.  

Products which cannot be returned:

All food/groceries, tobacco and nicotine products, sanitary/cleaning products, discounted products, underwear, socks, tights, and cosmetics where packaging is damaged, or seal is broken. A receipt is needed to return products, however there are certain exceptions to provide better service quality for our customers (see below).

If the customer cannot provide a receipt, but the product is likely bought in Hagkaup, and is still being sold in our stores, our employees are allowed to accept the products and issue a credit note, if the customer can prove his identity with some form of legal identification (with a photo).

If the customer has a receipt, then a credit note will be issued to him without having to show any form of identification. However, all customers with a receipt can choose to provide a “kennitala” for the credit note, without showing identification. If they do, they can later reclaim the credit note, if it gets lost, by providing identification that matches the “kennitala” on the credit note.

A return sticker (skilamiði) is equivalent to receipt and same rules apply regarding them. Note that return stickers are only available in November and December.

„Veisluréttir“ cannot be returned (see return policy regarding food products).

Defective/broken products

Defective/broken products can be returned within one year from date of purchase. Receipt or return ticket is needed to return defective/broken products.

Hagkaup reserves the right to repair a defective/broken product, if possible. If Hagkaup cannot fully repair or replace the product with exactly the same product, our customers will get a full refund for the amount shown on the receipt (or current price in store if the customers only has a return sticker on the product).


Credit note amount

The amount on an issued credit note (or refund) should be the same as printed on the receipt. If there is no receipt the current price in-store will be used on the credit note.

A credit note (Inneignanóta) is valid for two years from the issue date.

Please note: Product returns can only be made between 10:00 and 20:00 – every day of the week.